Episode 05: Into the Deep-Fryer, Part 2



Andromeda One

Episode 05: Into the Deep-Fryer, Part 2

The team attempts to rescue Ace’s Dad and Riley.

Written by Helena Billington, Charlie Kuykendall, Darlena Birch, Ines Gonzalez, Valerie Mikles, and Mary Herdman
Produced by Mary Herdman

Charlie Kuykendall as Colonel Ace Williams
Daniel Travi as Lieutenant Kalle Erikssen
Helena Billington as Camilla Stark
Stephen Blyskal as Commander Sam Tanner
Jkessel as Tinnec “Tinny” Jelensson (Check out his Fiverr page here.)
Mary Herdman as Riley Jackson
Darlina Birch as Doctor Kaladelia Aine

Timtones as Epic British Voice Guy (Check out his Fiverr page here.)
Charlie Kuykendall as Joe Carmichael
Daniel Travi as Jefe
Glenn Angert as Winston Percival Emille Williams II
JC Angert as Bessie

Artwork by:
Crisshasart (Character art)
Arespro (Station scene)
Knopkodav (Hub scene)
Arannihk (Portal scene)
Globart (Slaver Ship art)


Copyright StorySpinner Productions
All Rights Reserved

Enjoy the show!

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