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#1 – From Small Beginnings…: Haley Prince is excited for her first day as a Watcher in the Asylum, but first she has to survive orientation.

#2 – …Come Great Things: After the fight at the bank, Haley helps the team track down Poisonshot.

#3 – A Good Influence: Reiki has trouble working with his teammates.  When he and Haley are thrown together, Haley learns that there is more to her teammate than meets the eye.

#4 – The Watcher in the Dark: Parker Fawkes is working undercover in the most dangerous assignment of his life.  Will he survive to bring down a dangerous criminal, or will he give up everything for what he believes?

#5 – Flown the Coop: At a King Enterprises charity benefit, Trick and Earthborn have to fight an exhibition match against Skylark.  Natalie has to face her biggest challenge – socializing with fancy people.

#6 – Leech: Rina’s past comes back to haunt her as an old friend looks her up.  Can she stay on the side of light, or will she be dragged back into the darkness?

#7 – Polar Opposites: There’s a new villain in town, and anything she says will come true.  Can Outlier, Trick, Shadow, and Reiki overcome their differences – the differences that Hatter exploits – to defeat her?

#8 – Dark David: Earthborn has a secret – one that will rain death and destruction down on his teammates.  The Asylum team must face their hardest test yet: taking down a friend.

#9 – Granny To Us All: It’s Granny’s birthday, causing her to reminisce about her youth.  After all, she’s older than she looks.

#10 – The Past That Haunts Us: Frank’s sister is kidnapped by a figure from his mom’s past, and he has to find help from an old friend to get her back.

#11 – Jekyll and Hyde: As Natalie, Frank, and Haley get affected by a mind-altering drug when bringing in a thief, Rina has to face her history.

#12 – Butterfly Net: When Haley is abducted by the mysterious blue woman, she has to fight her way through a dangerous maze with help from an annoying friend.

#13 – Fallen Angel: Mid-season finale.  When Parker learns of a plot by the Fauns to destroy the city, he has to make a life-altering decision about his future – assuming he’ll have one.

The Asylum will return in October 2019.

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