Audio Series

StorySpinner Productions is proud to present: Andromeda One.

It was the Age of Exploration, five years since the discovery of a portal to another galaxy. The Andromeda galaxy is no longer a distant speck in the night skies of the Allied worlds. It’s a place of wonder, with new cultures to explore and new dangers to face. Last year, the Alliance opened a space station around the portal’s exit point, giving people from all walks of life a peaceful waystation for their journey. The members of the Alliance – Humans, Sirians, Doraphen, Camin, and many others – use the station as a living treaty, a place where they can work through their differences while being reminded of their own small place in the universe.

Meet the station, and her crew of misfits: an ex-pirate captain who commands the station, a military commander who hates having to report to the pirate, a young engineer, a monkey astrophysicist, a warrior-doctor, a widowed barkeep, a station n00b, an anti-social botanist, and the enigma surrounding how they all ended up at the entrance to a new galaxy.