Andromeda One

StorySpinner Productions presents our first-ever audio production: Andromeda One.

“It was the Age of Exploration, five years since the discovery of a portal to another galaxy. The Andromeda galaxy is no longer a distant speck in the night skies of the Allied worlds. It’s a place of wonder, with new cultures to explore and new dangers to face. Last year, the Alliance opened a space station around the portal’s exit point, giving people from all walks of life a peaceful waystation for their journey. The members of the Alliance – Humans, Sirians, Doraphen, Camin, and many others – use the station as a living treaty, a place where they can work through their differences while being reminded of their own small place in the universe. This is the story of the first Andromeda station, known as Andromeda One.”

Check out the episodes with the links below:

Prologue: Gu’Tah and his team scout a new planet, but things are not as quiet as they expect.

Episode 1 – The Station, Part 1: Pilot episode of Andromeda One.  Meet the misfit crew of the station.