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Welcome to StorySpinner Productions, where we spin stories for your entertainment!

We’re starting with a prose series, The Asylum: perfect for superhero fans of all ages to enjoy!  From the author:

“Growing up with my dad’s Silver Age superhero comics, I was always inspired by the Legion of Superheroes – a group of heroes from a future where life was much more interesting.  Even though that future – where psychics from Saturn and triplets from Cargg come to Earth on vacation – is still a long way off, I created a series a little closer to home – where genetics research created two new species of human over the next couple hundred years, and the resulting chaos that ensues.  Add in other superhero geekdom inspirations, such as Marvel Comics (we’ll miss you, Stan the Man!), Dark Horse, My Hero Academia, and the like, and you get The Asylum – a hero agency in a post-Accords-esque setting with an overarching space-based mystery, set a couple hundred years in the future.  Enjoy the show!”

The Asylum is starting as a prose series with weekly episodic installments, perfect for all ages.  We hope by the end of the summer that we can also introduce you to our audio series: Neverland (a modern retelling of Peter Pan), and Andromeda One (a satire of 90s-era sci-fi shows).  Thanks for visiting our site, and we hope you stick around; we have an exciting first year planned!

Enjoy the show!