Nightmare (Sabrina “Rina” Dawson)

Name: Nightmare (Sabrina “Rina” Dawson)

Species: Fourth Gen/Satyr (Axolotl)

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 140 lbs (thin)

Age: 29

Abilities: creates panic in others with a thought; regenerative healing

Personality: Shy: friendly, but reserved.  Rina has had a troubled past (violently experimented on as a child until she was fourteen) that she tries to put behind her.  Her powers give her a sense of invulnerability (as an axolotl, she heals very quickly), so she’s pretty self-confidant, but they also isolate her (she causes fear and panic in people around her, and she’s allergic to sunlight), so she doesn’t socialize much.  She has a friendly personality (tries to smile a lot), but she doesn’t talk about herself or her past so she comes across as shy and lonely.