Granny (Brittany James)

Name: Granny (Brittany James)

Species: Djinn (looks human)

Height: 5’6”, slightly stooped

Weight: 170 lbs

Age: appears 80, is 158

Abilities: djinn magic, turns anything she knots into reality

Personality: Grandmotherly and fun-loving; outgoing with an impish sense of humor.  Granny has spent her life mediating a war between demons and angels, who come to her place for lunch because she makes the best sandwiches in three realms.  Granny has the power to bring anything she knits to life – and one of the first things she knit was a dragon to ride on! She got her powers from a demon; she’s Djinn-marked, which mean that on her death she’ll become a Djinni (genie) to be trapped in her knitting needles.  In her youth she was a cheerleader; as an adult she bounced around from job to job, doing whatever she wanted in her spare time to pay the bills. Now in her old age she has become a superhero to pass the time, and she’s known as one of the team’s heavy-hitters. Along with the dragon, she also has a wolf, a dragonfly, and a zoo of stuffed animals in her room waiting for her to bring them to life.  Granny has spent her life befriending both angels and demons (very outgoing personality), and has an impish sense of humor.