Earthborn (David Perry)

Earthborn (David Perry)

Special thanks to Duhdude for the awesome artwork of our heroes!  Visit his Fiverr page here.

Name: Earthborn (David Perry)

Species: Fourth Gen (looks human)

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 240 lbs

Age: 32

Abilities: moves Earth (geokinetic) and shoots lightning from hands

Personality: Dual personality. David is usually a friendly, selfless guy with a fatherly personality.  He always comes through for the team, and he listens when they have personal problems. A few years back, he was shot and buried in a shallow grave with an unknown chemical, then hit by lightning that brought him back to life.  Since then, he’s been able to control both earth and electricity. However, he has an alter-ego that is violent, ruthless, and merciless; when he uses too much of his electric powers, his eyes turn red and he loses all sense of morality and inhibitions.  In his normal state, he’s a father of a two-year-old (name redacted), and is a great dad. He’s considered one of the team’s heavy-hitters, given that his powers pack a punch.