Colonel “Ace” Williams


Name: Winston Percival Emille “Ace” Williams III

Species: Human

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 180 lbs

Age: 40

Position: Military Commander

Personality: Snide, commanding.   Ace has been given military command of the Andromeda One station, under the command of ex-pirate Sam Tanner.  Ace resents Sam for his criminal past, as well as his lack of decorum in the present.  Ace has a commanding presence towards everyone on the station, particularly his protege, Lieutenant Kalle Erikssen.  He has a soft spot for the station’s Chief Engineer, Riley Jackson – the two have been dating since shortly after her arrival on the station.  Ace doesn’t socialize much, but he does value his teammates.  As Security Chief of the station, he keeps a close watch on Camilla Stark, proprietor of Gu’Tah’s Galley and known smuggler.  He frequents Gu’Tah’s, just to establish a presence there.

Voiced by: Charlie Kuykendall

Personal Relationships:

  • Rivalry with Commander Sam Tanner
  • Dating Riley Jackson
  • Mentor to Lieutenant Kalle Erikssen
  • Watches Camilla Stark closely