Blackbird (Parker Fawkes)

Name: Blackbird (Parker Fawkes)

Species: Satyr (Finch)

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 180 lbs

Age: 24

Abilities: wings, super-strength

Personality: Flirty, free-spirited, yet determined.  Parker has been conflicted for years; he had always been devil-may-care, but when his mother was murdered he swore to track down her killer and bring him to justice.  As her killer is a mob boss, he’s been undercover for four months as a mobster, quickly working his way up in the ranks to bring the boss down. However, despite his dangerous position, Parker loves to have fun.  He’s faced racial stigma his whole life for being part-bird and having super-strength, and he’s finally in a position where nobody judges him for how he was born – the mob he’s infiltrating is full of other half-animals like himself.  As a finch, he’s very social. He flirts with everybody around him, calling girls “ma belle” and “ma dame”, and boys “good sir”. He teases his sister (Natalie), but cares about her a lot – he would do anything to protect his friends and family, including cozying up to a dangerous murderer to get him off the streets.  His flair for the dramatic rivals Natalie’s, as they were both raised by their magician father – Parker just didn’t make a career out of it.