Agent (Real Name Redacted)

Agent (Ian Flynn) Color

Special thanks to Duhdude for the awesome artwork of our heroes!  Visit his Fiverr page here.

Name: Agent (Ian Flynn)

Species: Human

Height: 6’0”

Weight: 200lbs

Age: 37

Abilities: strong, analytical

Personality: Relaxed, self-confident, poised, sly.  Agent has been trained as a government G-Man from an early age.  He keeps his secrets close to the vest, and doesn’t even let his team know his real name (they honestly think his name is “Agent”).  He knows more about the missions than he lets on, including who the main villain is (though he never tells the team). Agent runs the Asylum, hardly ever getting involved until after the main fight is done – then he runs clean-up, making sure that the city is put back together smoothly.  He is the team’s supervisor, assigning missions, scheduling patrols and training, etc. He runs these off of his data pad, though he is good in a fight when needed. His ever-present umbrella doubles as a shield that can stop bullets, and weighs eighty pounds – so it’s usually resting nearby when Agent isn’t carrying it, but always within arm’s reach (usually against his leg).  Agent is stronger than he looks, but since his strength is natural (he’s human, not super-powered) he has to train longer hours than most others. Much like modern-day Nick Fury, he has a sense of humor tempered by personal tragedy – his last team failed (members were crippled, killed, and MIA), so he’s vigilant with this team to avoid his past mistakes. He will give a dry retort to a stupid question, though, and cares deeply about his teammates despite his secrets and lies.